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    • Eiji Nakayama

      Aya’s Samba

      Studio Mule

      27.60 1 x Vinyl LP

      Shrink-wrapped. Second press of this reissue in 800 copies.

    • Fumio Itabashi / Henrik Schwarz / Kuniyuki


      Studio Mule

      16.80 12"

      Full colour sleeve, not sealed at the factory.

    • Eitetsu Hayashi

      Kaze No Shisha

      Studio Mule

      23.40 LP

      2021 reissue, full picture replica cover, sealed, hype sticker on top, black and white artist’s photo insert.

    • Yas-Kaz

      Virgo Indigo

      Studio Mule

      23.40 LP

      2020 reissue, full colour sleeve, sealed.

    • Nadja


      Studio Mule

      22.50 LP

      2020 reissue, first vinyl edition, full cover (with brand new design), sealed.

    • Various Artists

      Midnight In Tokyo

      Studio Mule

      23.40 2xLP
    • Yukihiro Fukutomi

      It’s About Time

      Studio Mule

      9.86 12"
    • Studio Mule


      Studio Mule

      22.50 1 x Vinyl LP

      Transparent Vinyl. Shrink-wrapped.

    • Nina Atsuko


      Studio Mule

      12.60 1 x Vinyl 12"

      Early 2020 reissue, generic cover, not sealed at factory.

    • Yasuko Agawa


      Studio Mule

      12.81 12"

      Early 2020 reissue, generic cover, not sealed at factory.

    • D.A.N.


      Studio Mule

      8.09 12"
    • BGM

      Back Ground Music

      Studio Mule

      19.80 1 x Vinyl LP

      2019 reissue, remastered from original tape and mastering by Kuniyuki Takahashi.Full cover, sealed.

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