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About Us

Welcome to Laterna Records mail order and online shop.

We are bringing to your attention a curated selection of vinyl records in and between the Acid, Coldwave, Darkwave, Deep House, Detroit, Disco, Drum And Bass, EBM, Electro, IDM, Indietronica, Italo-Disco, Minimal Synth, New Wave, Post-Punk, Synth-pop, Techno genres.

Occasionally we will be tempting you with highly-collectable and sought-after Afro, Jazz, Funk, Soul, Disco, or just classic Detroit Electro reissues.

We are dedicated to make available for you the records you can’t wait to spin and that you will always come back to in your DJ sets or during your home listening experience. Your friends will also keep asking you to borrow these records to them before they decide to buy a copy for themselves.

Laterna Records is dedicated to the most beautiful musical media — vinyl, but occasionally we are stocking peculiar formats like tapes, CDs, DVDs, USBs, or whatever our search for the authentic sound that pleases the connoisseur brings forward.

We hope that we will be able to feed the collecting passion of our fellow vinyl appreciators.

Music has no gender, colour or borders and all music lovers and vinyl enthusiasts are welcome and will be equally well-cared here.

Record collectors in Bulgaria, and at the Balkans in general, deserved such shop for a very long time and we will be happy if this enterprise clicks with them.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy our selection.