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Brilliant soul from the Detroit underground of the late 60s — a full set of work by vocalist Little Ann, issued here for the first time ever! You might recognize Ann’s name from her appearance on a few of the Ace/Kent Records issues of material by Detroit producer Dave Hamilton over the years — and the work here all comes from those classic collaborations with Hamilton — trapped on tape for many years, always contemplated as a possible Little Ann album — but only issued in full by the funky folks at Timmion Records !
The groove here is as offbeat as some of Dave’s other great work — not nearly as tight, or uptight, as Motown music — and instead, done with a sly undercurrent of darkness on most numbers, even the mellower ones — almost that earliest mix of Detroit styles that you get on pre-fame singles from Westbound Records artists. Ann’s vocals are nice and lean, and slide right into the mix with ease — heartfelt enough to grab us right away, yet without any obvious cliches as well.
LP only release Limited edition pressing !
01: Deep Shadows
02: Possession
03: Who Are You Trying to Fool
04: Sweep It Out in the Shed
05: What Should I Do
06: Lean Lanky Daddy
07: I Got to Have You
08: The Smile On Your Face
09: Who Are You Trying to Fool (Instrumental Version)

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Deep Shadows


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March 31, 2023