2023 reissue, original + new remixes, full picture sleeve, sealed.

Get Physical strides into its 21st year with a reissue of one of its most iconic tunes. M.A.N.D.Y. vs Booka

Shade’s ‘Body Language’ has been remastered for the occasion and will be available on vinyl, as well as

digitally and on streaming platforms for the first time ever, with new remixes from HOSH and Patrice



01 M.A.N.D.Y. vs Booka Shade – Body Language (Patrice Bäumel Remix)

02 M.A.N.D.Y. vs Booka Shade – Body Language (HOSH Remix )

03 M.A.N.D.Y. vs Booka Shade – Body Language (Original)

M.A.N.D.Y. aka Patrick Bodmer and Philipp Jung, and Booka Shade, aka Walter Merziger and Arno

Kammermeier, are Get Physical co-founders alongside DJ T., and ‘Body Language’ is one of the label’s, as well

as dance music’s, biggest ever tunes. Released in 2005, it defined an entire generation of house music and

spawned myriad copycats in its wake as well as making household names of the artists behind it. It became an

instant classic that worked as well in cosy clubs as it did on festival main stages and it has remained an

ever-green house anthem. The influential track has been sampled many times over the years but nothing beats

the original.

The chunky house drums still sound from the future today, with fleshy hits and warming bass. What makes it such

a standout track, though, is the gorgeous melodic hook that rides up and down the scale. Those soft focus notes

are full of subtle but playful soul that never fails to unify a crowd, bring smiles to faces, and get hands in the air.

The first to remix is acclaimed German artist Patrice Bäumel. He is a master of stylish and deep house and techno

with expressive synth work on labels like Kompakt and his own HALO. His superb version is a complete overhaul

with deeper drums and a sense of late-night tension that is released in glorious fashion when the iconic melody

comes in. It’s the sort of tune that is suited to 4 am dance floors and will take things to the next level. The second

remix comes from fellow German HOSH. For many years a core part of the Diynamic family he is also the founder

of the fryhide imprint and an assured underground talent. He layers in some fresh and airy breakbeats to power

along an expansive remix. After a long and atmospheric build with plenty of cosmic synth work, the original

melody arrives during a breakdown and then plays out over the suspensory grooves.

This is a superb package that brings a widely loved favourite back to the fore with contemporary remixes and a

fresh remaster.

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March 31, 2023