Red Axes

The Electric Bee EP

Shall Not Fade


Цената не е обявена

Yellow vinyl, label sleeve.

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Добави в Желани

We’re beyond excited to be announcing the next release on our Classic Cuts series, pertaining to none other Israeli duo, Red Axes. The Tel Aviv techno stalwarts are veterans of the scene, over the years honing an inimitable sound which draws on a unique concoction of influences ranging from post-punk and EBM to disco and new wave.

As is encapsulated in the title, Electric Bees EP focuses on constructing strange, uncanny worlds which at times are disorienting, spooky and hostile (‘The Electric’); and at others transportive to times past. ‘Next One Is Bill’ and ‘The Bee’ combine the retro quality of squelchy, square wave acid synths with an uber-polished production value to see a modern take on the classic sound, whilst ‘Axes In The Sky’ sees the EP’s energy climax. Set apart from the rest of the tracks with a BPM of 130 and distinctly contemporary feel, it gives you a whiplash tour around a myriad of sounds, taking sharp and unanticipated corners at each breakdown.

Тегло230 g


The Electric Bee EP


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November 04, 2022

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