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Sound Of Smoke are a four-piece psychedelic soul & blues rock band from Freiburg with a decent vintage vibe. The band members around frontwoman Isabelle Bapté manage to take a journey through time with a mix of blues, soul and stoner rock, when sounds a la Jefferson Airplane, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin were popular. With “Phases”, the Freiburg psychedelic, soul & blues rock quartet releases their second album via Tonzonen Records barely a year after the record “Tales”. In numerous psychedelic jam sessions, eleven new songs were created, which were recorded in the legendary Big Snuff Studio in Berlin. The album was recorded in a 10-day session completely analog with the technology from the 60s & 70s on tape by scene icon Richard Behrens (Kadaver, Elder, Odd Couple, All Them Witches and many more). “Phases” convinces with catchy blues rock riffs, oriental sounds, up to floating, spherical sound worlds but also Krautrock. The leitmotif, however, remains Isabelle Bapté’s accomplished flute playing and her warm, individual voice, which Grace Slick revives. Florian Kiefer, who claims the title “Reincarnation of Lemmy Kilmister” with his distinctive, rumbling bass sound (and moustache), forms with Johannes Braunstein a grooving foundation in the style of John Bonham. True to the motto “Im just tryin to write the best guitar riff in history” like Jimmy Page or Richie Blackmore and a penchant for Wild West romance, Jens Stöver ultimately contributes that certain something to the “Sound Of Smoke”. “Phases” was then refined with organ and synth dubs by Isabelle and Florian. Sound Of Smoke are pleased to present their most demanding album to a large audience with “Phases”.
Artist Origin:Germany
01. Shadows
02. Ocean Drive
03. Phases
04. Chasing The Light
05. Empty Streets
06. Candy
07. Sheriff
08. Wheit Raebbit
09. Desert Road
10. Darkness
11. Preacher

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February 24, 2023