FORMAT 3×12″ 180g vinyl, full printed sleeve,dl card


1 / A1. Remanisance 06:27

2 / A2. No Call From New York (Acid Mix) 06:38

3 / B1. Slang City 08:06

4 / B2. Mistakes Happen 06:12

5 / C1. Punk Mother Fucker 08:46

6 / C2. Numb In The Face (V.23) 06:01

7 / D1. Awful Mutation (V.23) 05:14

8 / D2. Windows To Your Sole (V.23) 05:28

9 / D3. Tricks (V.23) 04:16

10 / E1. Atmosphere 07:17

11 / E2. What Goes On 06:09

12 / F1. Freaks Frequency 06:45

13 / F2. Gritty Glamour 06:16

Digital only

14. Music Noir 05:41

15. See The Signs (V.23) 08:07

16. Analogue Deliverance 06:01

17. Haircut Fantasy 06:26

18. Pocket Full Of Mischief 04:42

19. Voyeurs Chance (V.23) 05:58

Release Info:

“I’ve always loved mistakes; it’s the hidden beauty in all art” – Andrew Weatherall

Transparent Sound are the original dons of UK electro, not exactly household names yet an act with so many under-repped

classics that once you dive into their catalogue you might end up emptying your bank account on Discogs.

To save you going down this calamitous path as well as to finally, raise TS to the level of notoriety they deserve, Tresor Records

is very proud to announce the release of Accidents 1994-2023. Formed by Orson Bramley and Martin Brown in Bognor Regis in

1994, Transparent Sound have managed to create 30 years’ worth of some of the best electro from the British Isles, despite

claiming to not know what they were doing nor how their instruments work.

It’s likely that it’s this lack of knowledge that led to the quality and longevity of their output – the pair experiment and tinker with

the machines until something pleasing appears then follow that sound down whatever path seems fruitful: “the confidence of

ignorance” as a slightly more-famous Orson, Orson Welles, once put it. This tactic has paid o well and found them stumbling

into many notable adventures, from remixing The Cure to performing during an intermission between two halves of a lecture –

none of which they understood as it was in Spanish.

The compilation collects a lucky-for-you 13 of their most glorious electrical accidents on a three-disc set including the

dancefloor hits Punk Mother Fucker (a mainstay of Villalobos sets at the time of release), and No Call From New York (as heard on

Helena Hau’s perfect 2017 Essential Mix).

The package also comes with ‘Windows To Your Sole’ from the unreleased white label Transparent Sound 007, other

unreleased tracks, and special 2023 edits as well as six digital bonus tracks.

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Accidents 1994


Каталожен номер


Формат на изданието


Описание на формата

3 X LP

Дата на издаване

June 30, 2023