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The Pre-Orders section of the Laterna Records online store is a convenient way to check new releases in the next few weeks. It also gives you the opportunity to buy a vinyl record for your collection by submitting an order in our online store. Orders for pre-order records will be fulfilled in the same manner as other orders with the only difference being that the shipping of the order will be delayed in the future until these records are physically available for us to ship. Please have the following information in mind when planning to pre-order one or more records.

Pre-Order Items

A Pre-Order item is an item that has been announced to be released in the near future and is already in the process of being manufactured and made available for sale. Pre-ordering a record is the best way to ensure you will get a copy of it because it will be exclusively stocked for you. 

Pre-Order Period

Each record listed for pre-order will be available for pre-order until five days before the official release date (as shown in the “Additional Information” tab for each record). After that time it no longer will be available for pre-order (but you can still add it to your wantlist). 

We reserve the right to remove the ability to pre-order a record at any time.

Expected On Date

The specified date is the date when we expect the item to be in stock. It is based on the official release date and other factors and is subject to change. In such case we will do everything possible to ensure the date is corrected in our store. We always try to list records with confirmed release dates and ensure that the “Expected On” date is as accurate as possible. 

Estimated Shipping Date

This is the date when we expect the item to be shipped to you. The actual date may vary with a few days so we may end up sending your order a little bit sooner or later that the initially expected date. We will do the best we can do to notify our customers if their orders will be delayed with more than three days.

You can consult the Orders tab in your account for the currently estimated shipping date of an order or contact us for further details. 

Cancelled / Out of Stock Releases

There are very rare cases when a release is cancelled or the manufactured quantities are so limited compared to the demand that we cannot fulfil your order even if you have pre-ordered this release. If you have purchased a record that will not be released, will be postponed, or will not be stocked, we will do everything needed to notify you in a timely fashion and refund your payment (if any) as early as possible.

Cancel / Modify a Pre-Order

Submitting a pre-order in our online store is equal to making a contract about the delivery of goods and/or services with the actual obligations for both sides. If you want to modify or cancel an existing pre-order, please let us know as early as possible using the contact information on our Contact page. Such requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis with the utmost respect for the customer. 

Order In-Stock and Pre-Order Items

You can order in-stock items and pre-order items in the same order (to save on shipping costs, for example). Orders containing in-stock items and pre-order items will not be shipped until all items become in stock. If there are in-stock items which you need immediately, please order them separately from pre-order items.

Pre-Order Payment and Shipping

The regular Payment and Shipping terms apply to all orders with pre-order items.