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    • Thys, Amon Tobin


      Vision Recordings

      14.40 12"

      Full colour sleeve, clear red marbled vinyl / incl. dl code, sealed.

    • Teatre


      Lux Rec

      12.90 12"

      Printed disco sleeve, not sealed at the factory.

    • ILK

      EP 3

      Repeat Repeat Repeat

      12.90 12"

      Official reissue, 2021 edition, originally distributed in a polylined paper sleeve only.

    • Jura Soundsystem

      Transmission One

      Isle Of Jura Records

      24.00 Vinyl

      Full picture sleeve, sealed.

    • V.a.


      Themes For Great Cities

      18.90 LP

      Full picture cover, reissue, not sealed at the factory.

    • Omni A.M.

      Key (B-Stock)

      Euphoria Records

      22.50  20.40 2 x 12"

      B-Stock: reduced price, lightly creased (2-3 cm) top right corner, excellent otherwise. Full colour sleeve, sealed, end of 2020 reissue.

    • Vladimir Ivkovic, Ivan Smagghe / Various Artists

      IDMEMO – A Future Of Nostalgia (2 x CD)

      Above Board Projects

      23.40 2 x CD

      Sealed, double CD.

    • Dazion

      A Bridge Between Lovers

      Second Circle

      12.30 Vinyl

      Full colour sleeve, not sealed at the factory.

    • Mameen 3

      Kudreda / Mamermaids

      Les Disques Bongo Joe

      11.10 Vinyl

      Retail black vinyl version, 7″, label disco sleeve, large hole, not sealed at the factory.

    • Anatolian Weapons

      Mantili EP

      Kame House

      11.70 12"

      Full picture sleeve, not sealed at the factory.

    • Human Mesh Dance

      Hyaline Extended (Black Vinyl)

      re:discovery records

      15.90 12"

      Release Date: 29-03-2021

      Black Vinyl Edition

    • Pye Corner Audio

      Where Things Are Hollow 2

      Lapsus Records

      15.00  12.00 Vinyl

      Full colour sleeve, Turquoise Solid colour vinyl (because the record is sealed the colour is not verified.)

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