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    • Q, Ruth Waters

      The Voice Of Q / Everybody Loves A Good Funk (The Reflex Revisions)(B-Stock)


      36.03 лв.

      NOTE: played once or twice, clean playside, very light marks around the label on one side. Full colour company printed sleeve (with intentional wear effect), originally not sealed at the factory.

    • Kuja Orchestra

      Kuja’s Disco


      24.90 лв.

      12″ 180-gram vinyl, housed in a “Mukatsuku” stickered paper inner, originally not sealed.

    • Bubbha Thomas & The Lightmen

      Boogie Down (7″)

      Pressure Makes Diamonds

      20.90 лв.

      Reissue, 7″, generic sleeve, originally not sealed at the factory.

    • Roland Young

      Hearsay I-Land

      Palto Flats

      50.90 лв.

      2021 repress (slightly different artwork and “Roland P. Young” on the artwork). Full colour sleeve, sealed.

    • Various

      Tanamur City (Indonesian AOR, City Pop And Boogie 1979 To 1991)

      Cultures Of Soul Records, Peels Records

      63.90 лв.

      Full colour gatefold sleeve, sealed.

    • La Tribu

      No Te Quiero Mas (7″)


      20.86 лв.

      2022 reissue, 7″ in plain paper sleeve, small center hole, originally not sealed at the factory.

    • Giovanni Damico


      Star Creature

      20.63 лв.

      Transparent clear 7″ with large hole in a full colour picture sleeve, not originally sealed at the factory.

    • Lovelock

      Burning Feeling


      60.90 лв.

      Spring 2022 first vinyl edition, full colour sleeve, sealed.

    • Sam Redmore

      Tears / Just Be Good To Me (7″)


      31.50 лв.

      7″ in generic sleeve, not sealed at the factory.

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