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    • Meo

      Fine Corsa



      Reissue, full cover, not sealed at the factory.

    • Helen


      Zyx Records


      2020 reissue + new remixes, full cover, sealed.

    • Moy Boy / Jet Set / Jimmy Ross / Stephany

      Mr Disc Obscure Tracks Volume 1

      Mr Disc Organization


      “Mr Disc” label disco sleeve, hand-numbered, not sealed at the factory.

    • Logic System

      Unit / Clash

      Tempo Dischi


      2020 edition, full cover, sealed.

    • Various

      Casting Shadows With Intergalactic Gary

      Casting Shadows


      brokntoys label sleeve, not sealed at the factory.

    • Zed

      Plastic Love


      10.801 x Vinyl 12"

      Full picture cover. Shrink-wrapped.

    • 4 M International

      Space Operator

      Good Vibes

      12.001 x Vinyl 12"

      Generic disco sleeve, dark orange/brown coloured vinyl, not sealed at the factory.

    • Klein & M.B.O. / Warrior

      The MBO Theme

      Rush Hour

      13.201 x Vinyl 12"

      June 2020 repress of the reissue, full picture cover, sealed.

    • Ago

      For You

      Full Time Records

      15.001 x Vinyl LP

      June 2020 repress of the reissue, yellow transparent vinyl, full picture cover, not sealed at the factory.

    • Crazy Gang

      Crazy Gang

      Mr Disc Organization

    • Charlie

      Spacer Woman

      Mr. Disc Organization

      12.001 x Vinyl 12"

      2018 remastered reissue, disco sleeve (no inner sleeve), not sealed at factory, black vinyl edition, hand-numbered.

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