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    • G-Man

      Quo Vadis

      Back To Life


      2020 reissue, black vinyl edition, generic sleeve, not sealed at the factory.

    • Roman Flügel

      Tracks On Delivery

      Sister Midnight


      2020 reissue of all 15 Patterns from “Tracks On Delivery” + 2 new bonus patterns, triple gatefold vinyl, sealed, hype sticker on top.

    • Hiroshi Yoshimura

      Music For Nine Post Cards

      Empire of Signs


      2020 repress of the official 2017 remastered reissue, full cover, OBI Strip, sealed.

    • Luciano

      The Evasion Of The Spiritual Soldier

      Mule Musiq

    • Chaotic Discord

      Time Migration

      Tsarskoye Selo

      11.401 x Vinyl 12"

      Hand-stamped, originally distributed in paper inner sleeve only.

    • Mathew Jonson

      Typerope EP

      Itiswhatitis Recordings

      9.901 x Vinyl 12"

      125-gram vinyl. 2019 release based on the 2013 re-master by Stefan Betke (Pole) using Tube-Tech compressors and Weiss EQ’s.Housed in a craft paper jacket, not sealed at factory.

    • Gonno & Nick Höppner


      Ostgut Ton

      9.601 x Vinyl 12"

      Full cover, not sealed in factory.

    • Unknown Artist

      La Chèvre 001

      La Chèvre

      10.80 9.361 x Vinyl 12"

      Generic sleeve, not sealed in factory, vinyl-only release.

    • Hvmble

      Textures 4/​4


      9.60 5.761 x Vinyl 12"

      Full cover, not sealed in factory.

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