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    • Nermin Niazi

      Disco Se Aagay


      23.40 LP

      Early 2021 reissue, full colour sleeve, sealed.

    • Soft Cell

      Cruelty Without Beauty

      Big Frock

      30.00 LP

      End of 2020 remastered reissue on colour vinyl (pink), the colour is not verified, gatefold cover, sealed.

    • Various

      Endangered Species Volume 1

      Dark Entries

      15.00 Vinyl

      Full cover, sealed, 2020 compilation.

    • New Order

      Blue Monday


      18.00 Vinyl

      2020 edition, custom die-cut sleeve in the form of a big floppy disc(!?), sealed.

    • Boy Harsher

      Country Girl Uncut (B-Stock)

      Nude Club Records

      21.60 1 x Vinyl LP

      B-Stock: cover imperfections – very lightly pressed top right corner. Deluxe edition, black vinyl edition, sealed.

    • Stephen Huss


      Artificial Dance

      17.70 LP

      Full picture sleeve, sealed.

    • Viola Renea

      Syguiria Lady


      22.50 LP"

      2020 reissue in full colour artwork sleeve, insert, new liner notes, sealed.

    • Ceramic Hello

      The Absence Of A Canary

      Ice Machine Records

      19.50 1 x Vinyl LP

      Early 2020 remastered reissue, full cover, sealed, black vinyl edition, contains inserts.

    • Facket Strejkar



      7.80 1 x Vinyl 7"

      Full cover, not sealed at factory, 7″ vinyl.

    • Videosex


      Rush Hour

      18.60 1 x Vinyl LP

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