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    • OST

      Get Carter

      Music On Vinyl


      Spring 2022 reissue on purple vinyl, 1000 machine-numbered copies, 180-gram vinyl, full colour sleeve, housed in a deluxe plastic jacket.

    • Hans Zimmer

      Interstellar (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (B-Stock, NO PLASTIC JACKET)

      Music On Vinyl, Sony Classical, WaterTower Music


      NOTE: does not include the original plastic jacket (due to the inadequate PVC material used that is not suitable for transportation, you will receive a brand new plastic jacket and the stickers from the original one). Early 2022 edition on transparent clear vinyl, full colour gatefold sleeve, not sealed at the factory.

    • Jean-Claude Nachon

      La Femme

      Les Disques De Culte


      Spring 2021 reissue in full picture gatefold sleeve, zine insert, sealed.

    • Kenji Kawai

      Ghost In The Shell (Original Soundtrack)



      Remastered reissue, full colour sleeve, sealed, regular retail version.

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