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    • Various Artists

      XX, Pingipung. A Record Label Turns 20.


      Price TBA

      Release date: 09-09-2022

    • Eric Hilton

      Lost Dialect

      Esl/montserrat House

      Price TBA

      Release date: 28-10-2022

      TRACK LIST: A1. Lost Dialect A2. Spiral Aura A3. Ra> A4. A Joyous Revolution A5. Nishati B1. Flowering Soul B2. Odysseus B3. Earth Ship B4. Arteries B5. Libra PROJECT OVERVIEW: On his stunning new album Lost Dialect, Eric Hilton speaks the 12-bit vernacular of trip-hop, a genre he helped birth as a co-founder of the legendary downtempo electronic music act…


      Pleasure System


      Price TBA

      Release date: 21-10-2022

    • Shen

      Tia Tua

      Garzen Records

      Price TBA

      Release date: 02-09-2022

    • Ibrahim Alfa jnr


      Mille Plateaux

      Price TBA

      Release date: 04-11-2022

    • Ellis Swan


      Quindi Records

      Price TBA

      Release date: 14-10-2022

    • Yuji Dogane & Mamoru Fujieda

      Ecological Plantron (CD)

      Em Records

      Price TBA

      Release date: 09-09-2022

      Ecological Plantron was a CD released in 1994, the audio document of an installation held in 1994 at a gallery in Tokyo. The Plantron is a bioelectric interface developed by botanist Yuji Dogane; it was designed to give voice to plants, using electronic means to make audible the energy of the natural world, prioritizing the non-human aspects of nature. Dogane…

    • Valentina Magaletti

      A Queer Anthology Of Drum


      Price TBA

      Release date: 16-09-2022

    • Various

      30 Years – We Couldn’t Save The Entire Planet, But We Still Like To Save Your Soul


      Price TBA

      Release date: 30-09-2022

    • DJ Pantha

      The 140 Archives LP

      Time Is Now

      Price TBA

      Release date: 30-09-2022

      Label sleeve.

    • FRUM


      HFN Music

      Price TBA

      Release date: 23-09-2022

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