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    • Various Artists

      The Reflex Revisions Part 3


      Price TBA

      Release date: 16-12-2022

    • Clastyle

      How Close (7″)

      Athens Of The North


      Release date: 16-12-2022

    • Race ‘N Rhythm

      Space Saver / Candybar Superstar (7″)

      Athens Of The North


      Release date: 16-12-2022

    • Tha Dangla

      Straight Max’n

      Nbn Archives


      Release date: 03-02-2023

    • Tonino Balsamo

      Sta Guagliona Mo Ddà


      Price TBA

      Release date: 30-01-2023

    • Ethel Agee, Preston Scarber & Rev. Dorosco Scarber

      Traveling Home / I Like To Recommend The Lord (7″)

      Athens Of The North


      Release date: 09-12-2022

    • Tink

      Pillow Talk

      Winter’s Diary / WD Records / EMPIRE


      Release date: 03-03-2023

      Purple & White Galaxy About: You never have to guess what Tink’s thinking. The Chicago-born songstress and rapper says it all in her music. She spits, speaks, and sings straight from the heart without filter or apology. At the same time, she breaks boundaries, dropping off bars with uncontainable charisma and belting out hooks with show-stopping range. She can be…

    • Rhythm Roots Allstars

      Say I Do / Island Hustle (7″)

      F-spot Records


      Release date: 23-12-2022

    • Hans Hass

      Welche Farbe hat der Wind (7″)

      The Outer Edge


      Release date: 09-12-2022

    • Leonhart Brass Band

      Snake Oil / Shammgod (7″)

      Mighty Eye Records


      Release date: 25-11-2022

      The Leonhart Brass Band was conceived during the 2020 Covid-19 quarantine when trumpeter/composer Michael Leonhart was unable to perform with his 18-piece orchestra at NYC’s famous Jazz Standard. Instead, Leonhart began composing music for a raw small brass band featuring members of Antibalas, the Dap-Kings and Red Baraat, whom were all capable of playing outdoors without amplification. Building on the…

    • T.J. Johnson Band

      I Can Make It

      Freestyle Records


      Release date: 02-12-2022

      Good for You

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