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    • Earth Trax

      Closer Now



      Release date: 08-03-2023

      Bartosz Kruczy?ski, also known as artist Earth Trax, is arguably among the leading names in Poland’s current electronic music scene. Based in Warsaw, his music is deeply emotive and explores a wide-ranging sonic palette that is complemented by well-defined artistic concepts. He has already featured on labels including Phonica Records, Growing Bin, Into The Light and Shall Not Fade -with…

    • Luca Lozano

      Man of Science

      Klasse Wrecks


      Release date: 04-03-2023

      Hot release alert!!! WRECKS041 is a sampler of Luca Lozano’s recent ‘Man of Science’ album. Previously only available on compact disc the EP now puts together four of the most successful and sought-after tracks on wax. The title track, ‘Man Of Science’ opens with sampled words from astrophysicist and planetry scientist Neil Degrasse Tyson and hints at the overarching theme…

    • Het Zweet

      HET ZWEET – ARCHIVES VOL. I (’82-’88)

      Modal Analysis


      Release date: 11-03-2023

      Modal Analysis proudly presents Het Zweet – Archives Volume 1: 1982-1988, a compilation of the Dutch outsider legend painstakingly picked from over 100 hours of unheard tape. An early electronic pioneer who deployed an array of homemade instruments alongside synths and a tape recorder to craft his searching sound, Marien Van Oers occupies a lonely branch on the tree of…

    • Mass X-odus

      Urban Hell

      Sonic groove


      Release date: 11-03-2023

      “Urban Hell” is the latest endeavour from Mass-X-odus, the hard-power-tech-noise side project of Adam X. A sound track set to the urban blight of America’s inner city neighborhoods. Adam’s third release under this rough and tough street techno alias bulldozes it’a way through the decay.

    • Vril




      Release date: 18-03-2023

      Channelling his own explorations in search of the soul inside the machine, VRIL draws from the deep well of his live performances to present his third LP for Delsin, Animist. Inside lie 12 pieces which seem to probe at the unknowable distance between tangible consciousness and the astral plane, imbuing even the most seemingly synthetic of materials with a living…

    • Steve Rachmad

      Midnight Magic

      In The Future


      Release date: 18-03-2023

      Hollands’ finest Detroit Techno producer back in great shape! 3 tracks full of sublime chords. powerfull melodies and a hip shaking groove.. Typical Steve Rachmad STYLE!

    • Tom Place




      Release date: 18-03-2023

      Enter a new era of UK club. Tear-jerking floor-fillers reminiscent of early Burial. Golden-era Night Slugs deconstructed club. The darkest recesses of dubstep and 2-step. All unnmistakenly made by the prodigal producer destined to take us 2 the future. Enter the mind of Tom Place.

    • Tom Place




      Release date: 18-03-2023

      4 Twisted Tekno Electro mutations made with(out) love.

    • Lake Haze

      Coordinates Of A Decaying World



      Release date: 18-03-2023

      Mysterious, melodic and dark – Portuguese can-do-no-wrong-er Lake Haze is back, adding to his impressive catalogue a four-tracker EP named ‘Coordinates Of A Decaying World’ for Lisbon’s ever-attentive Paraiso. Off-beat toms and rim shots paired with squelchy, slippery, acid make the opener, ‘Galactic Federation’, feel as bouncy and polyrhythmic as a non 4/4 track, playing a delicious illusion on the…

    • Tomas Urquieta

      Calatea EP

      Seilscheibenpfeiler Schallplatten Berlin


      Release date: 20-03-2023

      Hospital rooms and bustling dance floors. It’s hard to think of two spaces that are more different, but when Tomas Urquieta’s father was hospitalized for several weeks with a serious illness last year, the NYC-based Chilean producer found himself in a particularly reflective mood–and an urgent need to make music. Armed with only his laptop and iPhone, he started making…

    • Blank Gloss




      Release date: 24-03-2023

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