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    • Rob Mazurek & Exploding Star Orchestra
      Dimensional Stardust
      International Anthem


      Commissioned by the Chicago Cultural Center in 2005 to assemble a group representing the diversity of the city’s avant-garde, Mazurek began composing for what became his Exploding Star Orchestra (ESO). Including musicians from the often-segregated North, South, and West sides, ESO debuted in the urban epicenter of Chicago’s Millennium Park and, shortly after, recorded We Are All From Somewhere Else…

    • Sound Of K
      Silvery Sound
      F Communications 25 Years

      Fcom 25 Remastered

    • Nubiyan Twist
      Freedom Fables


      Nubiyan Twist return with their brand new album ‘Freedom Fables’ on Strut on February 5th, the follow-up to the acclaimed ‘Jungle Run’ from Spring 2019. ‘Freedom Fables’ is the most accomplished yet by the Leeds / London collective, effortlessly fusing different soul, jazz and global styles with great musicianship and lyrics. Guest artists include Cherise, Ego Ella May, Soweto Kinch,…

    • Jori Hulkkonen
      Letter From Cardassia
      F Communications 25 Years


    • Laurent Garnier
      Coloured City
      F Communications 25 Years


    • A Reminiscent Drive
      Flame One
      F Communications 25 Years


    • St. Germain
      Nuages – Blanc EP
      F Communications 25 Years


    • Myrddin
      Monstruos Y Duendes Vol.2: Longhin

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