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    • Superpoze

      Nova Cardinale (CD)

      Combien Mille Records


      Release date: 03-06-2022

    • Glenn Davis

      Better Daze EP


      Price TBA

      Release date: 19-08-2022

    • Two Shell


      Mainframe Audio

      Price TBA

      Release date: 22-07-2022

    • Fresh Pepper


      Telephone Explosion

      Price TBA

      Release date: 24-06-2022

    • Harry Harrison

      Dreaming In Yellow -the Story Of The Diy Sound System

      Velocity Press


      Release date: 10-06-2022

      Written by Harry Harrison, one of DiY’s founding members, Dreaming in Yellow traces their origins back to early formative experiences, describing in detail the seminal clubs, parties, festivals and records that forged the collective. Dreaming in Yellow is an attempt to distil the story of DiY’s tumultuous existence and the remarkably eclectic, outrageous and occasionally deranged story of them doing…

    • Tomede Ehue & Tp Orchestre Poly-rythmo

      Bella Bello


      Price TBA

      Release date: 08-07-2022



      Black Truffle


      Release date: 06-05-2022

    • Superpoze

      Nova Cardinale

      Combien Mille Records


      Release date: 03-06-2022

    • Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad

      Jazz Is Dead 011

      Jazz Is Dead

      Price TBA

      Release date: 23-09-2022

      With Jazz Is Dead Series 2, Younge and Muhammad have once again, together with a roster of world-renowned legends, crate digger patron saints, and an exciting vanguard of young talent, delivered another unimpeachable collection of fresh and captivating recordings inspired by jazz’s past, present, and future. There are names that some may already be familiar with, such as Lonnie Liston…

    • Princess Diana of Wales

      Princess Diana of Wales

      A Colourful Storm

      Price TBA

      Release date: 15-07-2022

    • Popof

      Serenity Remixes


      Price TBA

      Release date: 24-06-2022

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