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Joris Voorn Remix

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2022 saw Orlando ‘Format’ Voorn’s modestly titled, massively impactful ‘Solid Session’ given a new lease of life by Joris Voorn, two Amsterdam greats rewriting history 30 years after the original’s release. Besides the original Joris Voorn Remix there’s also a towering testimonial to Format that clocks in at 14 minutes, Joris’ reactivation of crystal-tipped keys creeps from the darkness and perfectly balances ambience and an absorbing atmosphere with a desire to drive straight to the dancefloor. In a constant flux of filtering, shimmering and swooping around your brain with a crisp Euro edginess, you experience an extra dimension of levitation compared to the marching, clockwork-activating focus of Format’s original, which still packs a punch straight out of 1991.
At a length that definitely fits the description of journey and voyage involving the themes of magic, sorcery and destiny, ‘Solid Session’ for 2023 is certain to become the soundtrack to a million happy dancefloor memories this year, as well as a collector’s item for those devoted to dance on vinyl.
A1. Format – Solid Session (Joris Voorn Remix) – 6:04 min
A2. Format – Solid Session (Original Mix) – 4:21 min
B1. Format – Solid Session (Joris Voorn Live At The Desk Mix) – 14:06 min

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Solid Session


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March 03, 2023

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