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Unreleased tracks, 7″ in full picture sleeve + inner, oroiginally not sealed at the factory.

7″ from the Label previously named The Artless Cuckoo
– Two previously unissued tracks
– Follow up release to the sought after What’s Your Voodoo single
– Limited Edition of 350 copies
– Thick high quality picture sleeve
– Fully Licensed, recorded in 1985
– Mastered by Frederic Stader

GENRE/S: Modern Jazz Funk / Balearic / Fusion

A Down At The Hilton
B Curaçao Blue

The Outer Edge (formerly known as The Artless Cuckoo) is proud to present a second vinyl release by Ghia. The first single is sold out for a while and already became a collectible item. Now, we present a piece from Ghia’s past – a very limited 7″ with two unreleased recordings from 1985: “Down At The Hilton” on side A and the equally fantastic tune “Curacao Blue” on the flip side. This is just the beginning of a series of more unissued songs by the band. Two albums are currently in the works – and there will be more material to follow.

For now, here is what label founder Günter Stöppel a.k.a. John Raincoatman says about the project: “For the past three years I’ve been asking Ghia about further recordings. Lutz Boberg and Frank Simon, the two original band members who later joined with Lisa Ohm as a singer, always were communicative, friendly and interested in releasing more music. But at the same time nothing really happened. Accept for a bunch of newer demo tracks they offered on their Bandcamp page for a while, I never was able to hear anything more. Anyway, a few month ago, I suprisingly received a picture by email. A photo showing a box of 11 demo tapes by Ghia with basically all tracks they ever recorded. I couldn’t believe my eyes! After a few complications the package with the cassettes arrived in Berlin. I didn’t really know what to expect. Everything was taped chronologically, the first cassette included early recordings from 1984 and 1985. I put it in my tape deck and I couldn’t believe what I heard. It started with a minimal electro funk track, the next song was ’80s funk with rap vocals, and then came a track entitled “Down At The Hilton”. This was EASILY the best Balearic jazz funk track I had ever heard. The warm sound, the melodies, the drum computer beats, the solos – everything was almost too unreal to believe. I really didn’t understand why Boberg and Simon never considered that some of their early works could be of interest to other people. But they simply thought of it as some sort of learning curve remnants or simply forgot that the music existed.”

The story goes on – but we are going to end it here for now. The vinyl single “At The Hilton” is now available. Once you hear the songs we are sure that you’ll agree that the music by Ghia needs to be heard and shared with the world.


The Slow Music Movement
“Sounds like a dope release, the A Side in particular is right up my street.”

Bandcamp review:
“More great digging from The (far from) Artless Cuckoo and “Down At the Hilton” is a bit of Balearic gem – it sounded great in the recent radio show.”

Martin Joela / Frotee
It’s really good, exactly our music. We can play it on our Frotee and balearic radio shows.

DJ Dusty / Jazz & Milk Records
“Very beautiful song!”

Marian Tone / Key Elements / Sonar Kollektiv
Played at Worldwide FM

André Langenfeld / Radio Host
die Ghia würd ich gern spielen

Markus Thon / DJ / Booker
Super release!

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August 31, 2022