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– First release in 2021 after Harald’s albums Shiftings on Cocoon Recordings and Håll Om Mig on Internasjonal in 2020.
– Second collaboration of Extrawelt and Harald Björk bonding since the Doch Doch Remixes by Harald Björk on Traum Schallplatten, recently breaking 500K plays on Spotify!

Genre: Ambient, Acid, Techhouse, Techno
Tracklist 12″:
A.1 KLN013 – Sketch On A Feeling 4:14
A.2 KLN013 – Sketch On A Feeling (Extrawelt Remix) 7:20
B.1 KLN013 – Sketch On A Feeling (Adrian Lux Remix) 4:14
B.2 KLN013 – Sketch On A Feeling (Bedtime Stories Version) 6:36
Short Info:
Harald Björk follow up his recent releases on Cocoon Recordings, Traum Schallplatten etc. with the four track 12″ Sketch On A Feeling. A record featuring German legends Extrawelt, no introduction needed and Swedish Teenage crime star Adrian Lux who we recently have gotten to re-known beyond his EDM stardom through his band Off The Meds (Studio Barnhus) and 90’s techno banger alias Luxxy.
The record wears two original’s written and played entirely on Roland MC-202 and TB-303 by the label head himself, Mr. Björk.
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Kranglan Broadcast, established in 2009, is the record label of Swedish artist Harald Björk (Cocoon Recordings/Traum Schallplatten/Studio Barnhus). The shifting genres and gaps between releases might seem confusing? But… the core seems to be quality releases by good friends who have crossed each others lanes and teamed up in creativity, and there are some friends!!! Axel boman, Nathan Fake, Popnoname, Kate Wax (Aisha Devi), Fairmont, Anton Kubikov (SCSI-9), LOKATT and many more. Electronic music as it used to be before the “business era”, friends sending files and pressing vinyl!!!
In 2021 Kranglan Broadcast have some fine gems coming up and Sketch On A Feeling is the first one to get public.
Harald Björk follow up a weird and packed year of 2020 with guest shows on John Digweed’s Transition Show and releases on Cocoon Recordings

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Sketch On A Feeling


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June 04, 2021