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Fourth album from the Senegalese singer and songwriter Meta Dia and his roots-rock, soul, and reggae band The Cornerstones ! – “DIA” pronounced(Jah) takes the Reggae mastery of one of its foremost African ambassadors to a new level and has featring guest performances from Julian Marley, Malik Work and SumeRR. The first single “Breeze” was called “powerful… blends roots reggae, Afropop, hip-hop, rock, and soul” (by Daily Reggae), and the longplayer is 16-tracks stong of finest African Reggae music, the synthesis of both reggae and soul along with powerful lyrics and feel-good melodies which create something that transcends oceans, borders, and language barriers. Meta and his band have also created unifying and soul-pounding live experiences for audiences all across the globe – European live dates are in preperation for 2022.
Video for “Breeze”:

1. Liberation
2. Two Pockets
3. Conqueror
4. Majesty feat. Sumerr
5. Riser
6. Boomerang Love
7. By Your Side
8. Concrete Jungle feat. Julian Marley & Malik Work
9. Try Me
10. Love in the Ghetto
11. Cells
12. Breeze
13. Red Eyes
14. Victory
15. Trespass
16. Free
A1. Liberation
A2. Two Pockets
A3. Conqueror
B1. Majesty feat. Sumerr
B2. Riser
B3. Boomerang Love
B4. By Your Side
C1. Concrete Jungle feat. Julian Marley & Malik Work
C2. Try Me
C3. Love in the Ghetto
D1. Cells
D2. Breeze
D3. Red Eyes
D4. Victory
The sleeve notes:
“DIA” pronounced(Jah) takes the Reggae mastery of one of its foremost African ambassadors to a new level. It is beautifully crafted and full of passion for music and message, sounding pouncing riddims and sweet harmonies to Jah (Dia) rising sun. Yet, it is much more than just another excellent Reggae album. Meta Dia offers hidden pathways to social healing – or “salvation” – as Rastas, Sufis, and all other spiritual Reggae Aficionados may have it.
Beware, many of (DIA) tracks take you to the dark side of this time and planet – racism, poverty, war, destruction of the environment. But it does not leave you in the valley of rage and revenge. Meta leads his followers to the final destination, the valley of decision, where good wins over evil.
His lyrical rivers of wisdom are fed by many tributaries, the nomadic mystic traditions of his Fulani forebears, the Rastafari I-sights based on the teachings of Ras Tafari and the wise men of the East, so prominent in his beloved Senegal. Yes, Meta sues for justice. Not only for Africans from his mother continent, but for all the “wretched of the earth”. But his bottom line is in line with so many great minds: “Just like the breeze, forgiveness will make us heal.”
It comes at a crucial time with so many destructive “signs of the time”: Wars and violence in the false name of religions or cultures, separating the one human race into ever-more fierce adversaries and foes, and selfish nations anything but united.
Meta Dia hammers the walls of division to create space for his doctrine of “Peace, Love and Harmony” – against all odds. For him, this is not a safe space of fake consolation or unconditional reconciliation.
Quite to the contrary: this Reggae album is a yet another wake-up call to come together on a basis of equal rights and justice; for there is no other way of togetherness. With this fundamental mission Meta joins the ranks of the all-time Greats in Reggae. Who could be more predestined for this “mission impossible” than a Muslim Fulani Dread, full of Rasta vibes. Here comes trouble for the warmongers. With a superb package filled with the finest sounds and ideas from Dakar to Jamaica to New York and the rest of the globe.
(by Werner Zips / Prof. DDr. Werner Zips / Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology University of Vienna Austria)



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January 28, 2022

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