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For the 7th installment of their split-series, Dalmata Daniel welcomes both Roberto Auser for his sophomore contribution to the label, as well as a fresh addition to the catalogue: Cestrian, aka. Ali Renault, the tireless Margate-based DJ and producer, well known for his frantic, dazzling and rough releases at labels like Bunker, Cyber Dance Records or Mechatronica.

Massive, thumping kickdrums and hypnotic whispers introduce the first tunes of side A, that is ‘Awakening’ – Auser’s take on slow, EBM-esque industrial vibrations as an eerie, industrial waltz. ‘Selvage’ drives effortlessly to disco- and retrofuturistic territories, arriving at the closing track of Auser’s side, ‘Long Night’ This third cut is his longest one, steadily building up harmonic layers of dark, intertwining melodies with the devoted beats of a minimalistic drum machine, full of echoes and shimmering high-ends.

Side B starts with the energetic, rolling bassline of ‘Satan’. Ideal title for such a fiery, blazing electro hit: if you ever find yourself in any sort of Inferno-situation trying to Shazam that heated banger you hear, it is likely that it’s one of Cestrian’s intense tracks from this 12″. ‘Zoltan’ delivers a gentle rumbling of a dusty bass-synth. An atmospheric, chill sequence dominates the split’s penultimate track, with dreamy chords and smooth twists on a chaotic noise-source. Finishing off the split, Cestrian hits us with ‘Lids’ – an excited and raw vision of electro, full of hazy sparks and detuned, tense oscillations. The bass cuts into our minds like blades from a giallo-opus, leaving behind nothing but the unsolved mystery of ineffable horrors.

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April 14, 2023