To Serve The Dune

Tonzonen Records

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Ltd. GTf. Green Transparent LP

Rulaman stands for floating, psychedelic tapestries of sound, woven from an earthy and analogue sound. Formed in 2015, the band quickly achieved local success under the name The Hace.In 2019 they released the debut EP ‘Peacemaker’.In 2020, the quartet became a trio and Rulaman was born. With the EP ‘Rulaman’ the band released for the first time a conceptual EP that takes their listeners on a journey through forest, desert, swamp and their own mind. “To Serve The Dune” is now their debut album via Tonzonen Records. The album opener ‘Bitkin (Wake)’ takes the listener into the depths of the psyche and cold months. With strong riffs and driving drums, a new side of Rulaman is shown here, which now strikes harder notes. Only two tracks later, the instrumental ‘Creatures’ mixes familiar spherical sounds with rhythmic basses and captivating melodies. The trio’s portfolio also includes critical texts. ‘ThirtyNine’ tells the story of a power-hungry ruler who starves his people to enrich himself.
Artist Origin:Germany
01. Bitkin (Wake)
02. ThirtyNine
03. Foothills
04. Creatures
05. Nomad Queen
06. Meadow
07. Mountain
08. Mantra

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To Serve The Dune


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February 17, 2023

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