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Full colour sleeeve with special paper seal, shrink-wrapped.

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Ten incredible albums culled from the deepest, weirdest co-op of record enthusiasts ever gathered under one banner. We’ve spared no expense packaging these, pairing the idea of the Art of Compilation with living and breathing art, creating little fortune cookies baked in a factory of forgotten dreams. Video games, pyramids, trading cards, matchbooks, mazes, lottery tickets, film canisters, yearbooks, and various other exercises in design absurdity.
As the rift between academic jazz, new age, and pop narrowed in the 1980s, D.I.Y. practitioners of metronome driven riffs found new growth in a burgeoning managerial middle class, a commercial audience held captive in dentist offices and waiting rooms across America. Session players took to midi-banks stocked with every instrument imaginable and delivered on a road rage-induced demand to stay cool, relaxed, and focused all at once. The extra-wide cuts packaged here will be mint for years to come. Go ahead, break the seal on a fresh pack of NuLeafs: There’s only one sensation this smooth.
-Softpack style open top box with “certified fresh” seal
-The uncoated sleeve displays eight extra-wide menthol cigarettes.
-NuLeaf gear and a minty fresh aroma available through the Leaf Notes rewards program.
Track Listing:
A1 Michael Hayes – Orphans
A2 Larry Bright – Sunbeam
A3 George Shaw – 6295 SW Fisher
A4 Plunky – Tropical Chill (Jazz Mix)
B1 Calvin Keys – Maria’s First
B2 Frank Potenza – Waiting For You
B3 Tony Palkovic – Born With A Desire
B4 James Dallas- Sidetrack

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Nu Leaf


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July 31, 2020

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