• Caserta

    Stevie? (7″)

    Bridge Boots


    Release Date: 18-12-2020

  • Menahan Street Band

    Midnight Morning / Stepping Through Shadow (7″)

    Daptone Records


    Release Date: 11-12-2020

    “Who is t his!?” Whether it’s a playlist in a cof fee shop in Brooklyn, a cafe in Par is, or a commercial break on NPR, the answer is likely Menahan Street Band. Their idiosyncratic brand of atmospheric instrumental music has lended its timeless cool to countless events, par ties, et al. Now they’re back with yet another two sided…

  • Valeria

    Pe na estrada (7″)

    Notes On A Journey


    Release Date: 18-12-2020

    Notes on a Journey unearth this beautiful and sought after EP from Valéria originally released in 1983 TRACKLISTING: A1 – Pé na Estrada A2 – Artimanhas B1 – Marcação B2 – Moreno SNIPPETS: Valéria Fajardo was born on June 6th, 1957, in Petrópolis, a rural region of Rio De Janeiro State. A precocious prodigy from day one, Valéria wrote her…

  • Valeria Fajardo

    Pe Na Estrada (7″)

    Notes On A Journey


    Release Date: 18-12-2020

  • Coisa Nossa

    Procurando O Caminho / Chega Gente (7″)



    Release Date: 18-12-2020

  • Chico Mann

    Come Inside / Sorrow Tears & Blood (7″)



    Release Date: 27-11-2020

  • Rod Hamdallah

    Crawling Back/Mali Jam (7″)

    Hound Gawd! Records


    Release Date: 04-12-2020

    Limited 7inch

  • Tapestry

    Big Stone Wall (7″)

    Brookside Music


    Release Date: 11-12-2020

  • Out of the Ordinary

    Kind of Strange EP (7″)

    Ramrock Red Records


    Release Date: 27-11-2020

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