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    • Various

      Bonfido Disques 002

      Bonfido Disques

      12.30 Vinyl

      Generic craft paper sleeve, hand-stamped white labels.

    • Priscilla Ermel

      Origens Da Luz

      Music From Memory

      22.50 Vinyl

      Full colour gatefold cover, sealed.

    • Dazion

      A Bridge Between Lovers

      Second Circle

      12.30 Vinyl

      Full colour sleeve, not sealed at the factory.

    • Azumah

      Long Time Ago

      Nyami Nyami records

      23.40 Vinyl

      2020 reissue, full colour sleeve, hype sticker on top, sealed.

    • Matao, Atilla Engin

      Turkish Delight


      24.00 Vinyl

      2020 reissue, retail black vinyl version. Heavy-cardboard full colour cover, OBI-strip, housed in a resealable plastic pouch.

    • Chicco

      Shigomase / Koshana

      Rush Hour Rss

      13.50 12"

      End of 2020 reissue, full colour sleeve, sealed.

    • Francis Bebey

      Psychedelic Sanza 1982 – 1984

      Born Bad Records

      27.00 Vinyl

      Full colour sleeve, sealed.

    • Mameen 3

      Kudreda / Mamermaids

      Les Disques Bongo Joe

      9.18 Vinyl

      Retail black vinyl version, 7″, label disco sleeve, large hole, not sealed at the factory.

    • Altın Gün


      Les Disques Bongo Joe

      18.90 Vinyl

      Full colour sleeve, sealed.

    • Altın Gün

      Gece (180-gram LP + DL code)


      18.90 Vinyl

      Full colour sleeve, 180-gram vinyl, contains download code, sealed.

    • Amadou & Mariam

      Baara / Ja Pense A Toi


      18.60 Vinyl

      End of 2020 edition, promotional US release in printed sleeve, not sealed at the factory.

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