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    • Gepy & Gepy

      Body To Body

      Best Record Italy, Best Record

      15.00 Vinyl

      Note: small corner bump on the cover due to transportation, perfect otherwise. Reissue in full colour sleeve, sealed.

    • Various

      حبيبي فنك مختارات موسيقية متنوعة من الوطن العربي = Habibi Funk (An Eclectic Selection Of Music From The Arab World)

      Habibi Funk Records

      28.50 Vinyl

      2 x LP compilation in single full colour sleeve, sealed.

    • Bubbha Thomas & The Lightmen

      Boogie Down (7″)

      Pressure Makes Diamonds

      12.30 7"

      Dinked 7″, generic sleeve, 2021 reissue, not sealed at the factory.

    • Various

      Habibi Funk: An Eclectic Selection

      Habibi Funk Records

      30.00 2LP

      2 x LP compilation in single full colour sleeve, sealed.

    • Al-Dos Band

      Doing Our Thing With Pride


      27.00 LP

      2021 reissue in full colour sleeve, sealed with hype sticker on top.

    • Lewis Taylor

      Lewis Taylor


      30.00 2 x LP

      2021 reissue on 2 x LP in full colour single sleeve, sealed.

    • Chemise

      She Can’t Love You

      Emergency Records

      16.80 Vinyl

      2021 reissue with PDM remix. Full colour company sleeve, trnslucent pink vinyl, housed in a resealable plastic jacket.

    • Dimitri From Paris

      Le Box Set (5 x 12″)

      Le Edits

      144.00 5 x 12" + Tote Bag

      The first five “Le Edits” records in a deluxe slipcase box, sealed with hype sticker on top. Additional bonus – screen-printed tote bag.

    • Hugo Moolenaar

      Mocko Jumbie

      Frederiksberg Records

      30.00 LP

      Reissue compilation in full picture sleeve, sealed.

    • Mitzi Ross

      I’ll Do More (7″)

      Brewerytown Records

      11.40 7"

      7″ with large hole, housed in a hand-stamped paper sleeve.

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