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    • Mr. Flagio

      Take A Chance (original + Remixes)


      15.00 12" Vinyl (Yellow)

      Original + Italoconnection edits on YELLOW vinyl, full colour disco sleeve, not sealed at the factory.

    • ‘lectric Workers

      Robot Is Systematic

      Zyx Records

      15.00 12"

      Spring 2021 reissue, full colour sleeve, sealed.

    • New Born



      18.00 Vinyl

      2021 edition, full picture sleeve, sealed.

    • Louiselle

      La Mosca

      Disco Segreta

      14.41 12"

      End of 2020 reissue, full picture sleeve, sealed.

    • Blue Gas

      Shadows From Nowhere

      Best Record Italy, S.P.Q.R.

      16.80 Vinyl

      Blue vinyl, 180-gram vinyl, early 2021 repress of the reissue, full cover, sealed.

    • Logic System

      Unit / Clash

      Tempo Dischi

      10.50 12"

      2020 edition, full colour, sealed.

    • Myxoma

      Don’t Runaway

      ZYX Music

      15.90 Vinyl

      2019 reissue, original vocal + instrumental and 2 new remixes, full colour sleeve, sealed.

    • Sensitive

      Give Me / Don’t Stop

      Zyx Records

      15.90 12"

      2020 edition, original + 2 new remixes. Generic sleeve, sealed.

    • Various

      Endangered Species Volume 1

      Dark Entries

      15.00 Vinyl

      Full cover, sealed, 2020 compilation.

    • Brian Dalmini

      Can You Tell Me (B-Stock)

      Zyx Records

      13.50 12"

      B-stock: one corner is lightly creased/bend, excellent condition otherwise. 2020 reissue + 2 new remixes, full picture cover, sealed.

    • GAFF E


      Mondo Groove

      11.70 12"

      Full colour disco jacket (no inner sleeve), not sealed at the factory.

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