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    • Okyerema Asante

      Drum Message


      43.90 лв.

      Reissue on 2 x 12″ in a single full colour sleece, Incl. 4-page booklet, sealed.

    • Sven Wunder

      Natura Morta (US Pressing)

      Piano Piano

      65.90 лв.

      US Pressing Variation. Full colour heavy cardboard sleeve, sealed.

    • Hozan Yamamoto & Yo Imai

      Akuma Ga Kitarite Fue Wo Fuku

      Mr Bongo

      52.90 лв.

      Mr. Bongo reissue in full colour sleeve, OBI-insert, sealed.

    • Badbadnotgood

      Talk Memory


      49.90 лв.

      Regular retail edition on black vinyl, gatefold cover, housed in a custom plastic jacket with a sticker seal.




      52.90 лв.

      Reissue in full colour sleeve, OBI tip on, sealed.

    • Eiji Nakayama

      Aya’s Samba (B-Stock – warped but plays fine)

      Studio Mule

      53.90 лв.

      B-Stock, bargain price, no condition claims are accepted: the record is dish-warped (around 3-4 mm) but plays fine through. Unsealed, played once to check condition. Reissue in full colour replica sleeve.

    • Emil Brandqvist Trio

      Breathe Out

      Skip Records

      43.94 лв.

      First vinyl release, black vinyl,, full colour sleeve, sealed.

    • Henry Franklin

      The Skipper

      Real Gone Music, Black Jazz Records

      52.90 лв.

      Reissue. Full colour sleeve, regular black vinyl edition, sealed.

    • Hiroshi Suzuki


      We Release Jazz

      52.90 лв.

      Summer ’21 reissue, full colour sleeve, OBI strip, 180-gram vinyl, newly-remastered, sealed. Vinyl only release.

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