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    • Hiroshi Suzuki


      We Release Jazz

      24.90 LP

      Summer ’21 reissue, full colour sleeve, OBI strip, 180-gram vinyl, newly-remastered, sealed. Vinyl only release.

    • Mutant Beat Dance

      Mutant Beat Dance (CD)

      Rush Hour

      19.50 CD

      Double CD in jewel case, sealed.

    • Fine Young Cannibals – Rsd 2021

      She Drives Me Crazy

      London Records

      18.60 12"

      Full colour “London Recordings” company sleeve, red vinyl, RSD ’21 edition, original, DFP and Cerrone mixes, sealed.

    • Lillipulu

      Four Amazing Tracks

      Glowing Pin

      15.00 12"

      Company disco sleeve, not sealed at the factory.

    • Porter Ricks


      Mille Plateaux

      27.00 2 x LP

      Summer ’21 reissue, full colour sleeve, sealed.

    • Happy Mondays – Rsd 2021


      London Records

      18.00 12"

      Full colour sleeve, RSD ’21 edition, includes the Oakenfold/Weatherall Club mix and Ewan Pearson mixes, sealed.

    • Susumu Yokota

      Acid Mt. Fuji = 赤富士


      25.80 Vinyl

      Full colour sleeve, 180-gram black vinyl, hype sticker on top, sealed.

    • New Frames

      Burn Rate

      Live From Earth Klub

      21.00 Vinyl

      Black vinyl + artwork insert, housed in a generic PVC sleeve.

    • Yuji Toriyama & Ken Morimura


      Glossy Mistakes

      25.80 LP

      Summer ’21 reissue in full colour artwork, OBI insert, sealed.

    • Kuniyuki

      Earth Beats Live & Larry Heard Remix (Re-Release)

      Mule Musiq

      22.50 2x12"

      Summer ’21 reissue in full colour artwork single sleeve, 2 x 12″, sealed.

    • GusGus

      Mobile Home


      19.50 LP

      Full colour sleeve, sealed, first release.

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