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A1. Sprial
A2. Undertow
A3. Excuses
B1. Lincoln Park Interlude
B2. CR78
B4. Suddenly
LP FORMAT DETAILS: 1 x 12″ (140g) Yellow Vinyl

OVERVIEW: Maddie Jay has always had a fixation with taking things apart, examining every tiny piece, and putting them back together in her own way. In fact, in her teens, she tore out all the electronics of her first bass guitar in her parent’s garage, in order to re-paint it neon yellow, green and pink. This fascination with restructuring didn’t end with gear. For years, she has been taking apart music itself, and studying every facet of songwriting, melody and production, in order to patch it back together into her own colorful, quirky package.
This approach in life has brought her from her tiny hometown in northern British Columbia, Canada, to studying bass in Boston, and then to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a “hired gun.” After a year of travelling and supporting artists all around the globe, she was finding more satisfaction on her days off, producing on her laptop. Fast forward to 2020, and Maddie’s first EP “Mood Swings” has gained over 2 million streams on Spotify, and she has a feature on Grammy winning artist RAC’s LP “BOY.”
Maddie has always been hyper hands-on with her work, and for her, being an artist is a holistic and all-encompassing pursuit. Not only does Maddie write, record and produce all of her music, she also often takes a full DIY approach with her visuals. She hand animated sequences for every song on the Mood Swings EP, and even pioneered a “scanner animation” technique for her recent single “Undertow.” She is now rolling out a new project called CMYK through the spring of 2021 all written and produced by Maddie herself.



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December 10, 2021

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