Sven Wunder

Natura Morta (EU Pressing)

Piano Piano

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EU-pressing, end of 2021 edition, full colour sleeve, sealed.

PP1003EU ,

1. En Plein Air 02:42
2. Impasto 03:11
3. Prussian Blue 04:05
4. Natura Morta 03:05
5. Panorama 03:39
6. Alla Prima 03:07
7. Umber 02:57
8. Barocco, Ma Non Troppo 02:35
9. Memento Mori 02:40 video
10. Pentimento 02:10
11. Natura Morta (Reprise) 02:13
12. En Plein Air 02:42

On Natura Morta, Sven Wunder is exploring art as a bridge between nature and the human ability to judge and observe in eleven musical compositions with brightly colored textures and an emphasis on vibrant melodies.

Throughout human history, we have depicted the world we live in through art. By reworking what we see in the world, the simplest things have helped us understand the beauty of nature and to evaluate the material world that we have created around us, as a window to a constantly changing reality, through our own perception. It is that absolute reality that appears in the seam of human and nature and that can be revealed through art.

Still life painting, also referred to as natura morta (”dead nature”) in Italian, stretches back to ancient times. Some of the earliest works, found in Pompeii, depict commonplace objects such as fresh autumn fruits alongside man-made objects such as a small amphora and a small terracotta heap with dried fruits. These two thousand year old paintings give a snapshot of Roman life, and also creates a link to time and space. A slice of life has been created by binding the earth’s pigments with extracts of oil, made from nuts and seeds, painted with brushes, made from a variety of fibers, such as trees and hair… more
released June 11, 2021

The staff used on this LP is the following:
9 violins, 4 violas, 3 cellos, 1 flute, 1 piano, 1 electric piano, 1 cembalo, 1 twelve-string guitar, 1 electric guitar, 1 trumpet, 1 flugelhorn, 1 tenor horn, 1 marimba, 1 electric bass, drums and percussions.



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Natura Morta


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January 01, 2021

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